Having just gotten back from a quick vacay in Southern California, I feel confident in saying the worst part of traveling has to be packing. From worrying about forgetting something, to finding room for your shoes, atop the need to avoid wrinkles, you better not get held up in security because you basically need a vacation from packing alone. Before even breaking out your bag, check the weather and note any activity-specific clothing that you need to pack for the trip. Set those out a handy umbrella, like Blunt’s unflappable umbrella.

Built to withstand even hurricane force winds, it is sure to keep you dry. Set out those items first so that you don’t forget them and begin building a weekend wardrobe of versatility and style. Start with a carry-on sized bag. Hook + Albert, Moore & Giles and Will Leather Goods are three of the finest offerings available. My go-to is the Hook + Albert’s weekender with a designated place for everything, forgetting your shoes will be a thing of the past.

On top of the absolute brilliance of their design, it’s available in both canvas and leather for a variety of price points to fit your budget. Now onto the meat of your luggage, while hoodies might be comfortable, they are not versatile. Instead grab one sport coat. These work with different styles of pants and move well from casual dining and walking around town to nightclubs and semi-formal parties. Your shoes should both go well with your coat, and your pant selection will depend on both.

For pants choose solid standard colors. A simple pair of slacks and a nice looking pair of jeans should cover every possibility. Try them on with the coat and shoes, and see how everything works together.

Shirts come next, and once again, simple should win. Choose two or three collared shirts, preferably with long sleeves. Unbutton the collar or roll up the sleeves for a more casual look, and throw on a tie or cufflinks for an extra touch of class. Try every look once more to ensure that you have as much versatility as possible.

Those pesky wrinkles mentioned earlier would be solved with Moore & Giles’ handy Sullivan Shirt Pack. Designed for keeping dress shirts well contained and wrinkle free on the go, it offers room for up to 5 shirts and is perfectly compact. Since everything to this point has been plain and versatile, accessories can be the place for some flair. A funky pair of socks, cufflinks, or a tie can make you stand out; just make sure that you have a look before packing. Don’t forget to choose a belt that matches your shoes and fits your belt loops. Dress belts are usually too thin to wear with jeans. My favorite purchase to date is the Accessories Travel Kit.

Another brilliant design from Hook + Albert, no more worrying about losing one of your cufflinks while traveling. Rolling your clothes will save room and help prevent new wrinkles if you roll carefully. I prefer to do it in sets. Begin with pants folded in half along the crotch, and place them on a flat surface. Place a fully buttoned shirt face down on the pants with the shirt’s collar near the waistband of the pants. Evenly distribute a folded undershirt, underwear, and a pair of socks on top of the shirt. Start at the hem and roll the whole pile tightly, smoothing out any wrinkles as you go. Hang the clothes once you reach your destination. Touch up ironing is rarely needed if care is taken during rolling. And should your hotel not offer an iron, you can always use the hot, moist air from the shower with a quick blow-dryer finish to get out any wrinkles that may have occurred.

Make sure you also have a suitable dopp kit, nothing is worse than those ziplock bags when traveling. Izola offers a fabulous water proof PEVA lined, canvas Dopp Kits that are so easy to clean up should you spill something inside.

Enjoy your weekend.