It’s already time to think about your formal look for New Year’s Eve. It might be that one time of year you wear your tuxedo, studs, and cufflinks at a black tie event, but it’s worth putting some thought into it to make sure you look sharp to ring in the new year! When contemplating your black tie look, don’t feel like you need to look like everyone else. Adding stud sets to your tuxedo shirt can really help you to stand out and set the tone for your formal look.

Kinds of Studs for Tuxedo Shirts:

  1. Classic look – You can’t go wrong with a classic Onyx. Our Silver and Onyx Stud Set is a bestseller that would make James Bond proud.
  2. Crystal Stud Sets – What better time than New Year’s Eve to stand out with a touch of glamour? Our dazzling Preciosa crystal stud sets have just enough sparkle, and available in stainless steel with a classic silver, gold tone, or black plated stud sets.
  3. Knot Stud Sets – An elegant knot design adds additional interest with the gold and silver twists.
  4. Precious Stone Sets – Match your plus one’s outfit with a stone to complement their look, including Mother of Pearl, Onyx, Lapis, or Topaz.
  5. Fitting to the event – Shamrocks, duck hunter, anchors, animals: matching the charity event or fundraiser—or your own personal interests.
  6. Novelty Stud Sets – Star Wars Stud Sets, Batman Stud Sets, or Superman Stud Sets can still look classy and help you stand out at your event. A conversation starter for sure!
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Batman StudsetFormal Stud Set


How to Put Studs on your Tuxedo Shirt:

Not all tuxedo shirts accommodate studs, so it is important to choose one that does! Some tuxedo shirts will have removable or no buttons where the studs will be inserted, and you can find some that have a second hole next to each button to place the studs.

  1. Stud Sets are typically paired with a Bow Tie, which will cover the top button of a tuxedo shirt. So, the first stud will start at the second button or stud hole. Find this stud hole on your tuxedo shirt!
  2. Insert the back of the stud through the back stud hole from the front of the shirt.
  3. Then, with the stud acting as a button, push it through the front button hole.
    *If the front of the stud is too large, you can always feed the back of the stud through both layers of the stud holes from the front.
  4. Current tuxedo trends call for 4 studs, but you can also stick to 3 depending on your outfit or personal preference.

Need to know how to put on your cufflinks? See our past blog post for details on how to wear and put on cufflinks.


Inspired by Celebrities’ Red Carpet Formal Looks? These celebs are wearing our brands in these photos.

Ox and Bull Stud SetOx and Bull Stud Set

Tuxedo shirt studs should always be worn with matching cufflinks, which is why our studs are typically sold as a Stud Set to include the matching cufflinks and studs. Tuxedo Stud Sets make a great gift for any occasion, especially if you have a black tie event on your calendar. Finish off your formal look with a black formal silk bow tie and white pocket square and you take standard men’s formal look to your individual formal style. Really want to feel like a royal prince? These Konstantino Royal Tuxedo Studs or Konstantino Sterling Maltese Cross Cabochon Blue Topaz Studs will absolutely impress.

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