Today we are excited to share with you our Superhero Luxe Collection made exclusively for Neiman Marcus’s annual The Christmas Book (pg 84). These divine characters are brought to life with gorgeous details, related gemstones, movable parts, and precious metals.

Let’s nerd out at all the details! The thought that went into these beauties are so inspiring. Here is what our lead designer, Adam Weber, had to say about the designs:

“For the most part I wanted to tell a story about each of the characters by utilizing key elements that a fan would enjoy and super fan would emotionally attach to. Embodying these venerable properties within a physical space such as Cufflinks allows the wearer's geek to come out even when going incognito.“

Luxe Batman Cufflinks

The Luxe Batman Cufflinks are made of 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver, use precision hardware for assembly, the stem is inspired by Batman’s utility belt, a swivel closure backing with a lapis stone is designed to look like Batman’s grappling hook. Seriously…….so cool.

Luxe Ironman Cufflinks

Or IRON MAN….these may be more glam than RDJ himself.

  • 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver
  • 5 pieces assembled together to create a movable mask…..AHHHHHH
  • The swivel closure holds an Amazon Stone and looks just like his Arc Reactor

Luxe Darth Vader Cufflinks

The Luxe Darth Vader is incredible.

  • Oynx Eyes
  • Black plated Sterling Silver
  • Cufflinks closure includes a Ruby Red Corundum
  • Stem designed inspired by Vader’s Meditation Chamber


This holiday, these special edition items are available exclusively at Cufflinks.com and at Neiman Marcus, in stores and online. Every piece in the Exclusive Luxe Collection is $495. However, this week (Dec 1st – 7th, 2017), our entire site is 20% off.

Too high of a price point for you? We get it. Perhaps you may be interested in our Stainless Steel Collection - $135 or Sterling Silver Collection - $250.