Spring is coming and now is the time to showcase your brighter, lighter style. While you can still add a stylish tie and tiebar to your dress shirts; men’s bracelets are another way to express yourself, add confidence, and show off your personal style when it starts getting warmer.

Whether you are wearing one or four bracelets, here are some tips we at Cufflinks.com have found to be the norm when accessorizing with mens bracelets.

Mens bracelets
  • Add a bracelet to your watch to add additional distinction
  • Wear a single bracelet with your sleeves rolled up on a more casual day
  • Stack your bracelets with varying materials to show individualization
  • Make sure to match your outfit, you don’t want to overdo it.
  • First bracelet? Not sure where to start? A single Leather bracelet can be dressed up or down and serves as a great anchor piece for any others you get.

We carry bracelets from trusted brands [such as Tateossian London, Jan Leslie, Simon Carter and more] – you know these are designed for fashion forward men, durable to last (my husbands $200 bracelet went through our washing machine just fine), and can create a custom look for any outfit.

Mens bracelets

Be confident in your choices and feel great leaving the house every morning.

For details on the different kinds of men’s fashion bracelets, please see our past blog on the bracelets we carry and Black Lapel’s awesome “A Guide to Bracelets for Men

Mens bracelets