The Bow Tie vs The Neck Tie

As I was getting dressed last week for a very important meeting, I found myself in a dilemma; which tie should I wear? I was going back and forth between wearing a tie or bow tie and just couldn’t decide the appropriate one for the occasion. I finally decided to go with the tie since my client tended to be more conservative. I felt if I wore a tie I would be taken more seriously, which led me to come up with some basic rules to follow.

Bow Tie –.The bow tie is no longer viewed as something you wear to be different, or for those nerdy types like on Bill Nye “The Science Guy”. Today you will see both the young hipster and sophisticated adult sporting bow ties. Bow ties have become popular because they pair well with jeans, a button down shirt and vest, as well as a suit with a contrasting pocket square to accent the look. When deciding if you should wear a bow tie consider you personality. If you are outgoing and a little flamboyant go for it, if you are more conservative it may not be for you. The thing to consider when wearing the bow tie is to go bold and do not be afraid of color

Neck Tie – The neck tie is widely viewed to be more appropriate for business, although the bow tie is acceptable under certain circumstances. You are far more likely to be taken seriously at a board meeting or in court when wearing a neck tie. Design and Color allow you to personalize your choice and to add fashion to a rather dreary suit and shirt combination. But be careful when choosing a color, stick with more traditional colors and keep the pocket square in the same color family, you do not want to look like a clown. Consider, your physical stature when choosing a tie, if you are a little heavy stay away from the skinny ties and use the half Windsor and tight enough to cover the top button. Also make sure the length of the tie comes to you belt.