It’s been a long, hard winter, and if you aren’t suffering from Cabin Fever, you may be trembling with House of Cards withdrawals. So we don’t have to tell you that the Season 3 premier is rthe 27th (commence your countdown of hours and minutes). But when the Winter winds howl (I don’t care if you live in Arizona, there’s something howling out there, trust me) you probably get a-thinkin’, now that Frank has become Mr. President, what will he be wearing this season? We have our #WWFW extravaganza in full swing, and we think we have a few educated guesses as to what that Kevin Spacey will be sporting this season.

1. Simon Carter Classic Black Baton Indices Watch

Old Frank is nothing if not sneaky. His if ya got it, don’t flaunt it mindset lends itself to this elegant, understated gentleman’s watch. When Frank needs to know what time it is, it’s so he can secret himself off and arrange something that no one, not a soul is to know about. You can’t glint and shine when you roll that way.

2. Ox and Bull Frank U Cufflinks

We’re going way out on a limb here. These are Frank Underwood cufflinks. Which of your wrists gets F and which U? Darling, it depends on your company, doesn’t it? And if you’d like to go with different initials, the power is yours.

3. Ox and Bull Blue Silk Skinny Tie

This Ox and Bull silk tie could be 90% silk. It could weasel its way through life at 97.4 or 98.3. And the kind of people drawn to that kind of thing would fawn over it. But Frank is a man of integrity, at least when it comes to skinny ties. He’s a 100% silk man. And this lilting indigo is his color, all the way.

4. NeroUno Linea Chrome Trim Fountain Pen

Is it a pen or a fashion accessory? The sleek NeroUno Linea Chrome Trim Fountain Pen is Pure Frank: shiny on the outside and dark in the center, economical and effective.

5 American Flag Lapel Pin

What other nation’s flag would you trust to pin your lapel? Watch closely this season, and at some point, you’re bound to see Frank wearing this item. Point at your screen, spill your drink on your friend, cackle, and start shouting “I told you! I knew it!”

6. American Flag Cufflinks

An American flag stovepipe hat? Not really Frank. Socks? We hear Spacey has a “no ankles” clause in his contract. No, sir or madam, you’ll be seeing our hero in these elegant cufflinks. Enamel, with a plated base metal setting, these patriotic numbers will add a little color to your outfit.


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