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Moving Ladybug Cufflinks

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SKU: BMC0016C0001
These beautiful, unique ladybug cufflinks are sure to knock the spots off anyone who wears them! Inspired by childhood nature trails and the great outdoors, these delightfully friendly little love bugs have been hand-assembled out of 38 highly engineered components to bring you a pair of cufflinks like never before. Modeled to perfection, these striking insects feature beautiful, inlaid, deep red, leather wings and carefully hand-painted black spots and eyes which look stunning against a crisp white shirt. There's more! Gently squeeze the shiny antennas together and watch as the ladybirds raise their realistic, articulated wings. And, as the wings slowly lift, they will reveal a distinctive, modernist black inner body of a beetle. Traditionally associated with good luck, these lovebugs are a match made in heaven! The perfect romantic gesture for Valentines or a special occasion, they are sure to make anyone who wears them fall in love with them.

Part of the Fundamentals collection, this innovative range offers the highest quality cufflinks that are made to last a lifetime. With domed oval spring link fittings featuring the Deakin & Francis logo for authenticity, these cufflinks come beautifully packaged in our unique presentation box.
  • Approximately 3/4" x 5/8"
  • Brass with leather inlay for wings
  • Hand-assembled out of 38 highly engineered components
  • Squeeze antenna to trigger functioning wings that open to reveal black body
  • Flip oval whale back closure featuring the Deakin & Francis logo

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